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Pampers Cruisers with Stay-Put Fit are designed for even the most active babies

Top Positive Review

I wish these were larger. It seems like diaper company??s want to size diapers smaller so that you have to move through the sizes faster and they don??t have to include so many diapers in each box since the larger sizes have less diapers. These are great diapers otherwise. I don??t know why all baby diapers don??t have the stretchy band at the top to stop blow outs of babies with liquid poop still. Longer fasteners would help these fit more babies longer, leading to more sales.

Top Critical Review

We??ve been using Pampers for our two children over the past 3.5 years. Recently, I purchased these Pampers Cruisers. Our daughter started having horrible diaper rashes and we have been to the pediatrician numerous times trying to get it under control. We went on vacation where we flew down and just bought a pack of diapers at the store when we landed, and the whole week we were gone, there was no diaper rash! Then we came home and continued using diapers from this same box and BAM, rash returned.

We are confident now that there was something off or different about this box, whether they were truly Pampers brand or there was something slightly different than the boxes you buy in the store, PARENTS BE AWARE OF THIS. Another thing that I noticed immediately and shrugged off, but am now thinking is just further confirmation about something being not right, is the size of the diaper is like large and front-and-center on the diapers. Over the last 3.5 years and using every size and variety of Pampers, I have never seen the size of the diaper in this type of way. Normally it??s small and included in some detail of the art on the diaper, but it??s very prominent on diapers from this specific product.

Customer Questions & Answers

Do these have a wetness indicator? I don’t see that usual yellow stripe?
Answer: They don’t. My two year has used these all his short life and they are pretty good with staying intact when full.

item can use for my soon ?
Answer: If your question is can the diapers be used for your son then the answer would be yes

I ordered and it was taken out of the account and than it wasn??t taken out. What??s going on?
Answer: Call Amazon

Whar size does a 23 pound baby wear?
Answer: My chunky lil 23 pound baby wears a size 6. (9 months old)

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