PARASOL Clear+Dry Disposable Diapers

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PARASOL Clear+Dry Disposable Diapers
PARASOL Clear+Dry Disposable Diapers


OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Focusing on what’s best for your baby and for the earth, we offer disposable baby diaper alternatives that’s free from harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol, dyes, latex and other preservatives. Our hypoallergenic disposable diapers are composed of pure ingredients sourced from responsibly-managed forests.

Top Positive Review

I stopped using Parasol around 2019 when they changed the design to tacky, terrible prints. I just ordered a few weeks ago and can confirm the diapers you get from amazon are the new adorable design with big improvements including the pee indicator line and better waist elastic.

I had been using Parasol since 2017 with my first and was really disappointed when they changed. Recently got an ad and saw they had reverted to super cute patterns and thought I’d give them a chance again. The new design is super soft, they hold well even overnight and have good fit for my second. During the interim I tried pampers and hello bello and I can tell the fit is greatly improved with parasol. The elastic area aroudn the waist actually stretches and the diapers don’t sag like hello bello ones.

Love the black and white new prints with the leaves and puppies. I like that they’re unisex and minimal but I do wish there were more patterns to pick from.

Top Critical Review

This is one of the saddest reviews I??ve ever written.
PARASOL redesigned their diapers and pretty much destroyed the beloved brand.
The old diapers were thick and fluffy, very soft to touch, very absorbent (sleep through the night in one diaper), had strong connectors, sat taller preventing leaks. It was the only brand we were willing to use after trying multitude of diapers.
New redesigned diapers are thinner, insert feels like tissue paper, the aren??t as absorbent (at least one change at night after leak plus another change when baby wakes up soaked the pjs again), they don??t hold liquids inside as well (spill on the sides), the connectors rip easily while you stretch them to close the diaper.

VERY disappointing ??upgrade?? !

Customer Questions & Answers

What is the difference between these and the regular limitless sky ones?

They no longer make the limitless sky ones. This is the new redesign of those diapers. I??m honestly not a fan of the new thinner design, they aren??t as soft or as absorbent as the previous style. Although the company says it??s a fit issue with leaks even after trying two additional sizes they sent me I still wasn??t imp??

Is amazon currently shipping the (super unappealing) ??see you at 2am?? & jeans design diapers still or the dogs they show on the Parasol website?

Hello, on Amazon we sell both prints and it will likely depend on what size you select. For our larger sizes on here such as 3-5 you are very likely to get the new prints (cats+dogs etc.) while the smaller sizes may be the Jeans prints. If you’d like to only purchase the newer prints you can do so at our direct website??

Why are these so awful? We??ve used Parasol for years and this new design is the worst. Any chance you will bring back the old design?
Answer: I really did prefer the old design, these leak

What happened to parasol? their diapers were amazing. the new ones (white with pocket print) are thin, fit weirdly, feel rough and leak.


Almost all leaks and blowouts are caused by sizing and fit. We’d love to set you up with a new size and fit to make sure you can get the full experience. Feel free to reach out to us at

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